August 11th 2011

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What's happened in Ealing

Monday 08 August 2011: Ealing Hit By Riots: Cars Set Alight, Shops Looted and Residents Forced to Flee

CCTV Images Released After Attack Leaves Man in Critical Condition
Police now know identity of victim and suspect sought after the incident near Springbridge Road

How it began

Riots Hit Ealing
Cars and buses set alight, shops looted as gangs terrorise the streets

Shocking Night of Violence and Destruction
Shops looted, and residents forced to flee as buildings set on fire

The Day After The Night Before
Ealing clears up after a night of unprecedented criminal damage

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Local  Community

How Customers Fought Off Looters At Ealing's Red Lion Pub
Story courtesy of Gurjit Degun from the Publican's Morning Advertiser

Neighbour Tells of Pulling Injured Man From Rampaging Looters
Dragged pensioner to safety and stayed with him until help arrived

Local Councillor Gives His Account of the Troubles
Jon Ball tells Ealing Today what he witnessed

West Ealing - Bloodied But Unbowed
Read West Ealing Neighbours' account of how one local shopkeeper stood up to the rioting thugs

Ealing Today Supports Local Business
Helping local traders after the recent disturbances

Council Inundated With Offers of Help
Ealing's Chief Executive praises community resilience


Latest on the Public Order Situation
Live updates from Ealing

Further Arrests in Ealing Overnight
Latest Update From Ealing's Borough Commander Andy Rowell

Help The Police Identify Suspects
New webpage with images from the last few days of troubles

Advice From The Police Following The Recent Disorder
Basic but sensible precautions to ensure safety.

Political reaction

Ealing's Community Pulls Together in Face of Anarchy
Council Leader Julian Bell writes about his anger over recent events that hit the town

Ealing Must Be Heard - MP Speaks on Riots
Angie Bray says the full force of the law must be used on those guilty

Local Politicians Unite in Condemnation of Monday's Disturbances
And praise the bravery of the emergency services

Other News

Locally Produced Food That's A Pleasure To Eat
Kath Richardson Visits Capability at Syon Park

Miscommunication, Misunderstanding and Lack of Momentum Over Ealing Cinema
Empire's story isn't over, but it's finally looking promising writes Kuldeep Brar

Temporary Closure for Northfields Library
to allow completion of Log Cabin children's centre

Glass in Samosa Lands Local Firm Big Fine
If you have food hygiene concerns contact council inspectors

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A Star is (Re) Born on Steyne Road
Stuart enjoys a Chinese at revamped local restaurant

5,000 Arrests Made During Operation Target
Biggest crackdown on neighbourhood crime in Met's history

Londoners 'Uninterested' In 2012 Games
YouGov survey shows opinion is divided over Olympic support

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Concerns Over Sunday Parking Charges
Councils should "help high street not beat into submission"

Living Streets - Putting People First
A national campaign with local relevance

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Fund Raising Ideas?

Flower for mystery injured man

Julian Bell, Council Leader - political opportunist?

Well done volunteers who helped to tidy up

Riots or not in the Broadway?

Nero fiddled while Rome burned; Bell built car parks while Ealing burned

Local Amateur Orchestra or Concert Band

Making a will

Lost dog in Walpole Park

new fish shop in Hanwell

Our absent Labour MP

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